We believe change is possible

We deliver effective and responsive services to support the mental health and wellbeing of people with alcohol and drug problems. Our work is embedded in local communities through strong partnerships with schools, hospitals, NGOs and other specialists.

Give me a firm spot on which to stand and I shall move the earth.


Our primary aim is to be that firm spot for those seeking freedom from addiction

Our staff team has a wide experience and specialist training, including psychologists, social workers, sociologists and a priest.

Our programmes include:

  • individual and group therapies for those struggling with addictions and for those around them.
  • preventative education for schools
  • personal development learning programmes
  • tailored learning and support for children from families affected by addiction
  • ad hoc relief work, supporting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our communities


From 1st June 2020 things have relaxed and Romania has entered into a state of alert, reduced from the state of emergency. Indoor meetings are possible after the 15th June, but they will be limited to 20 people. We can however meet outdoors now that all the public parks and terraces have reopened.

So we were able to welcome youngsters again to our children’s club was able to reopen in early June, and for now these meetings will be held in the park. The children have been relieved and delighted to get together after such a long time stuck in their homes. Their delight and excitement brings us hope.

We have discussions on all sorts of subjects, play team games, sing, and just enjoy one another’s company after so much time apart. The children feel like they are part of our big family, and know that we are here for them if they need us.

Schools will not reopen this academic year, but we are still preparing our personal development projects for delivery in the schools across the city of Oradea and the wider county of Bihor. We keep in contact with as many of our teenagers as we can, many reach out for encouragement and friendship.

Mentoring and Support

We are continuing to stay in touch with young people in need of support. This situation is difficult for them too, and we are seeing many young people questioning their lives through this period. Many come from difficult backgrounds and are in need of regular help and support.

For now we wait to see what will change following the 1st July. We hope to be able to run our two summer camps – for younger children in July and for older teens during August. It may be that we can do so if we take smaller groups for fewer days, but must wait to hear of changes to the government-imposed conditions.

Group and Individual Therapies

Our counselling programme is now running again, almost back to normal, although the groups are smaller and more frequent. Our number has grown with new members, and we are delighted to see an increase in the number of women coming forward for support. The codependency group is also fully-functioning again, busy with people determined to play their part in the recovery of their loved one and do all they can to support them

Delivering to Vulnerable Community Members

Families facing serious difficulty and struggling to survive have not been forgotten during this time. Through donations received we are able to provide basic supplies to some of the most vulnerable in our communities. We express our heartfelt thanks to all involved. It has been a humbling experience.

Extracts from a Journal – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, by R

Yesterday: June 2006

And so I have become a pedestrian. I really didn’t think that this could happen to me. Really - to me? Poor me! I was out of luck... I'm a victim. In fact, honestly, it is awful, I look around and I realise I don't have anyone to talk to. It's like everyone has changed. Me? No, no, I'm the same. It’ll pass, I’m the same as ever and I'm a man - strong and brave. I'll handle it. I have friends who are waiting for me at any time at the pub where we can talk about anything (!?!). Once the boss, now I’m a casual labourer, but so what. I keep making enough money to meet my primary need - my thirst. I’ll avoid those who consider me worthless and mark me down. Everyone needs to leave me alone. I know what I'm doing ... relax, I'll show them!

Today: June 2020

With the recommencement of meetings, in our old way, face to face, the group reconfirms its purpose:

We are alcoholics,

It was not easy for us to admit that we had become dependent, we had lost our freedom and become prisoners of a substance. We told many lies, to ourselves and to others.

This is why we came here

Because we want to honestly address the past, to reflect, to understand how we got here and to find a solution, a way out

This is why we come back

Because we sincerely hope that together we will learn to believe in God, to have faith in ourselves and in other people. Until now we have only broken the things around us, from now on we seek to build....a new life.

We, all of us here, know that we are doing all we can to understand, to accept one another as we are and where necessary to hold up a mirror for others to look in. We give thanks.

We can put down our masks and no longer need to play a part as if upon a stage.

Our shared wish is that this day will be a part of our healing, both of body and of soul.

Tomorrow: June 2021

This month has been a month of homework, and month of challenges. We started a constructive, interactive game. Each member of the group was to write down two questions about the challenges they face. Anonymity was an important aspect. Then the pieces of paper were drawn at random, one at each meeting, and the person whose turn it was had time to prepare their answers for the next group meeting. Obviously, if they drew their own ticket, they would have to choose another one, but in fact we didn’t face this situation. They would present their views on the questions at the next meeting and then other had the chance to share their opinions. These were special meetings, where in addition to the valuable information we gained, we also challenged one another to learn about different ways of approaching the various problems we face.